Crux & Co.

The newest kid on the block, Crux & Co., has just opened in South Melbourne. The menu works a balancing act between sweet, flaky, buttery pastries and Korean inspired savoury flavours – the crux of the matter is which one to start with!


The brains behind Lights in the Attic, Kevin Li and Oggie Choi, have come together again to produce one of Melbourne’s finest fusion dining experiences. With Brunetti’s ex-head pastry chef, Louise MK Lee; Manchester Press’ ex-head barista, Yutaro Mitsuyoshi; and James Julian, known for his outstanding work in places including Chingon and Two Birds One Stone, this cafe has an all-star cast.

Let’s start with the coffee. Yutaro works his magic with Five Sense to create a dynamic range of coffees to choose from. From the classic flat white, to single origin espresso and rotating, microlot filter brews, every preference is catered for.

Moving to something sweeter, there’s a dreamy range of flaky pastries, tarts and cakes available in the pastry cabinet. Louise and her kitchen elves create treats that are out of this world; their delectably indulgent eclairs are sure to tickle your fancy.

The menu offers up a whole other world of dishes to delight your tastebuds. Choose among the French toast served with mixed berries, nuts, natural honeycomb, mascarpone and vanilla fairy floss; and the Scotch quail egg, served with arrancini and falafel, on top of a potato rosti and mixed bean and chilli concasse; or the Bisque benedict with tiger prawns, poached eggs and lobster bisque hollandaise, served in a house-baked squid ink roll, and much more.

Designed by renowned architects EAT, the 60s-inspired cafe comes to life through curves, form and materiality, using a blend of metal work and cork. With James and the attentive front-of-house team, this is the kind of place you can escape to when everyday life gets to be a little too much.

While the cafe seats up to 110, once word gets out, it’s sure to be a hit. If you’re after a breakfast or brunch, or a sweat treat after a morning workout, Crux & Co. is the place for you.



Words by Jesse Thomas

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