Pidapipo Gelato Cakes

Our legendary gelato friends at Pidapipo have launched a new range of gelato cakes that will surprise and delight you. Inspired by classic recipes, these cakes are both deliciously nostalgic and completely game changing.


The Raspberry and Rose Bombe Alaska is sweet, sultry and almost too pretty to eat. On a bed of chocolate cake, the fragrant raspberry cream gelato flirts with floral rose gelato. Italian meringue swirls around this pale pink gelato base, which is then blowtorched by the chefs, just to heat things up a little.

What do you get when you mix banana, toffee and gelato? Pidapipo’s Banoffee Pie is a play on the traditional English dessert, and consists of layers of caramel, rich banana gelato and subtle vanilla semi-freddo, sitting atop a biscuit base. Dressed with sticky, caramelised bananas and lashings of chocolate, the Banoffee Pie is made to share- between you and yourself!

The Bacio and Chocolate Bombe Alaska has the Midas touch; the outside is piped Italian meringue, torched to create little peaks of caramelised deliciousness, decorated with glittering, golden foil. Cut it open to discover the tower of indulgent bacio gelato, sitting high and mighty on a chocolate cake base.

Forget the traditional winter pumpkin soup, and give Pidapipo’s Pumpkin Pie a little love. Sweet and spicy, this gelato cake is drizzled in rich caramel sauce, and finished with a delectable confection of house-made pecan croccante, fresh from the stovetop. Smooth, creamy and golden orange, this dessert will make your heart feel warm and fuzzy.

Celebrate everyday with Pidapipo gelato cakes – mangia Bene!

Pidapido’s gelato cakes are available now in store. 



Words by Jesse Thomas

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