Yo-Chi is Bringing Frozen Yoghurt Out of the Cold

Yo-Chi has long established itself as the place to go for frozen yogurt, but this winter it is excited to launch a new, made-to-order winter menu called ‘Yo-Chi Creations’.


In an exploration of creativity, community and friendship, the team has reached out to local makers and shakers including Clark St Roasters, Monsieur Truffe, Gewurzhaus Spice Merchants and The Original Cone Co. to collaborate and create several new menu items, perfect for warming you up!

Lava ‘Nother is a volcanic explosion of flavour. Fresh strawberries sit on a bed of warmed dark chocolate, drizzled in raspberry coulis and chocolate soil. Under the yogurt, you’ll find a hidden, sweet surprise in the form of an oozy, rich raspberry molten cake.

If you’re in a need of a little loving this winter, take out the On A Winter’s Day. A frozen custard swirl, smothered in warm apple and raspberry crumble and crushed almonds, topped with a strawberry and rhubarb compote to make your heart sweet and tender.

Ready, set, yo! Try out the Waffle On – it’s so delicious you’ll realise why it’s gone so fast. With a crispy, fluffy waffle, chocolate peanut drizzle, maple syrup and a sprinkle of cornflake crunch, it’s then topped off with fresh banana.

For something a little simpler, ask for the Espresso Yo-self. Vanilla frozen yogurt swirling in some of Clark St Roaster’s cold-brew coffee is the perfect blank canvas to unveil your true self.

For the vegans, Yo-Chi has got you covered! The Chi-Netto is heavenly layers of peanut on chocolate, on peanut on chocolate, on… coconut frozen yogurt, served in a waffle cone by the Original Cone Co. and topped with a shard of salted peanut chocolate bark.

Warming up this winter has never been so chill.

Yo-Chi’s winter menu is available 12pm-11pm everyday in Balaclava, Carlton and Hawthorn and will run until Spring.




Words by Jesse Thomas

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