Beat the Winter Blues at The Ugly Duckling

Inspired by dark and intense flavours of winter, The Ugly Duckling’s Head Bartender, Nick Selvadurai has released a new range of cocktails to get you through the colder months. Let spices of clove and vanilla, mingled with aromas of fig and pear, warm your senses in these seductive cocktails.


Remember cosily sitting at your grandmother’s house when you were a kid, eating homemade apple crumble? This cocktail’s just like that, but all grown up. Using a devilish blend of Bulleit bourbon and La Quintinye Blanc, spiced-apple syrup melts on your tongue before a refreshing burst of fresh lime.

Aromatic clove syrup pays homage to its Indonesian heritage in this comforting, but enticing cocktail overflowing with flavours of the humble apple. The Apple Cobbler cocktail at the Ugly Duckling is sure to be a crowd favourite.


The gentle, herbal caramel of Sicilian Averna makes a splash in this twist on the Italian negroni classic; you’ll be buzzing with flavours of liquorice and sweet orange. Charcoal and lemon-myrtle infused Tanqueray gin romance La Quintinye Blanc in a floral pairing, reminiscent of a lovers’ walk at dusk.

Dive in and embrace both the zestiness and bitterness of the Black Negroni cocktail, and relieve your fear of the dark.


Dripping with sugar, spice and all things nice, the Ruby Slipper is your ticket to a Cinderella-esque fairy tale of your choosing. Ketel One Vodka and Licor 43 waltz together while sensations of apple, strawberry and lemon watch on approvingly. A hit of gingerbread sweetens the deal and you’ll be reminded of strawberry shortcake meringue.

Filled with brightly flavoured fruits in a sea of sticky gingerbread syrup, aromatic herbs and spices, and vanilla, the Ruby Slipper is an irresistibly delicious trip to a world beyond ours.


1776 old Bourbon meets fig syrup and apricot brandy to concoct a cocktail sure to entice. The secretive, ancient angostura bitters blend of sun-ripened Caribbean oranges linger through the sharpness of gingerbread to create layers of spicy melodies.

The Fig Jam cocktail will transport you to a fantasy land where mornings are filled with warm toast and sleepy smiles, and nights are flavoured by notes of sweet vanilla and tangy dried fruits.


Indulge in this velvety, fruity cocktail brimming with vanilla and Venezuelan spices of Pampero Especial Rum. Shaken up with the oakiness of Martell VSOP Cognac and the citrus blends of Licor 43, this twist on the classic French dessert is luxurious and oh-so-delicious. Inspired by an opera by Offenbach, this cocktail features light-vanilla poached pear dipped in creamy, sweet syrup and citrus angostura bitters.

For those who like a little spice with their sugar, the Poire Belle Helene will sing to your senses after dark.


Words by Jesse Thomas